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LegitFit is the most user friendly Fitness Booking System out there, providing you with a very interactive way of booking your sessions, manage your services, securely purchase your products with Apple Pay, access your classes, check the status of your memberships and bookings via the QR code.

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LegitFit Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Going to the memberships section

You’ll find the memberships section under the products tab.

Step 2: Selecting the membership

To select/locate the membership you are looking to change the payment details of, Products > Memberships > Select Desired Membership

Step 3: Adding and setting new card as default

In the memberships section, select the membership by clicking/tapping on it and a side window will appear. In that window, you’ll see the “+ Add Card” option in the payment method section

Step 4: After adding the card, tap/click on the 3 dots next to the card and select set as default.

By doing so, you’ll be charged from that card for your membership going forward.

The primary difference between a membership and a package is that one is recurring and the other isn’t.

When buying a package you pay a once-off fee and then the package itself either runs out or expires.

A membership on the other hand is an auto-renewing payment and begins immediately after purchase.

To cancel a session please follow the subsequent steps…

1. Go to your timetable and click/tap on a session that you want to cancel.

2. In the booking details, you will find the option to Cancel Booking. Cancel by clicking/tapping on the Cancel button.

3. After pressing this button you will get a confirmation message based on your provider’s policy
regarding cancellations. Press confirm if you wish to proceed.

4. You will receive an email with your cancellation confirmation as will DPCC.

You can share the QR code that’s visible in your account with us at reception when you arrive and we can use that QR code to check you in for a class/gym.

When you sign in to your Android/IOS app, you’ll see a tab with the name QR Code and here you’ll find the QR Code that will be used by us to check you in at reception before entering the Centre.

Yes, it is! Just follow these simple steps to download your receipt/invoice:

  • First Sign in to your account.
  • Go to the Products Tab in your account.
  • There you will see two Tabs Packages and Memberships.
  • In the memberships/packages tab, you will see your active Memberships.
  • Tap/click on a membership that you want to get the receipt of.
  • A popup window will appear, there you will see the download button.
  • Just tap/click on the download button to download the receipt/invoice.

In the main dashboard of your LEGIT FIT account, select the Products tab.

When you’re in the Products tab you will be able to see two more tabs “Memberships & Packages” in there you will see all the active memberships/packages made available for purchase by Fresh Fitness Donabate.

Here you can tap on the Buy Now Button and read our Terms & Conditions and more information about that service in general.
Once you’ve made the purchase you’re all good to go and you can book in from the calendar!

Follow the link below to view our up to date timetable and to purchase any of our memberships/packages to become a member; https://legitfit.com/t/dpccfreshfitness

  • In the top right hand corner, select ‘CONNECT’.
  • Fill in all of the required details and select ‘Create Your Account’.
  • Follow the steps for ‘Buying a membership package with Fresh Fitness Donabate’
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